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Days of Heaven (Alternate Title: Not Participating In Fashion Week)

One of the benefits of the Internet age is that you no longer need to actually be present at events to write about them. Hence, I have yet to attend a single fashion week show, but yet am doing a piece about hair trends on the runway. 

I spent the majority of yesterday afternoon stuffing tortilla chips in my mouth, pinching my stomach to see if I was getting fat, and browsing through, trying to look for inspiration. I call it “preparing for the Summer 2012 Forever 21 Collection,” and also, “Making Money While Wearing Pajamas.”

I browsed a lot of shows, and the one that disappointed me the most was Rodarte.

Now, I usually love everything about Rodarte. I love the fabrics. I love the cuts. I love the celebrities who wear it. And most of all, I love the Mulleavy sisters, who generally don’t seem to give a fuck.

In case you’re not a girl or a FASHIONISTA, the Mulleavy sisters—Laura and Kate—are the creators of Rodarte, which not only has won numerous fashion awards, but was featured as a “Go International Collection” line for Target. They live at home with their parents in Pasadena, wear moccasins on the runway, and collaborate with Josh Whedon. You can read all about how weird but also sophisticated they are in this recent Vanity Fair article.

For their Ready-To-Wear Spring 2012, they cited Terrence Malick’s “Days of Heaven” as an influence. The resulting dresses were unreal, although I would have preferred them without the wheat prints on the bottom of the ballgowns.

For the Fall 2012 Ready-To-Wear Collection, they used the Australian outback as an inspiration, which have led many fashion writers to quote the movie…”Australia,” starring Nicole Kidman. It’s a long way down a digitally rendered nightmare of a road full of Aborigine children from Malick to Baz Luhrmann, baby, and the clothing suffers as a result.

That being said, I would still probably wear most of it.

To view the entire show, along with those of all the other designers participating in New York Fashion Week, check out 

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